weight loss

Powerfull Mix To Drink For Weight Loss

weight loss

The daily effort contributes much more instead of dieting and exercise in the case of weight loss . Simple weight loss tips can help speed up the process and achieve the desired weight in less time .

The tips or home remedies to support your weight loss process is easy to prepare and effective in terms of shedding weight quickly.Therefore , here it is a simple drink that you have to consume everyday and the smooth process begin burning excess fat on your body.

Tea weight loss

The recipe consists of 3 major ingredients honey , lemon juice and cinnamon. These are the steps to take to make this wonderful drinking


Things you need:

CINNAMON ½ stick piece

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon lemon zumo

1 cup water

Process :

Take a piece of ½ cinnamon stick and place in 1 cup water in a saucepan.Boil water with cinnamon stick for 5-10 minutes.Strain the mixture and the solution is poured into the glass.Add 1 tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice to the solution.Shake well and your drink is ready . Enjoy it once a day .


Honey is very effective in controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol level in the body compared to other sweeteners.It consists of many nutrients vitamins, minerals, enzymes and with polyphenols. healthy digestive system maintains and provides relief from inflammation. It supports the efforts of weight loss, since they act as an energy source and therefore control the food cravings for longer. It also activates hormones that lead to a feeling of satiety and, in turn, suppress appetite. Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids. Oxidative stress is eliminated in the body that leads to inflammation. In addition, it causes the immune system strong and protect the body against infection. According to recent Japanese study, it has been demonstrated that polyphenols lemon are very useful in suppressing the weight gain and diet-induced accumulation of fat in the body. Lemon improve sensitivity to insulin, which helps keep the body in the area of burning fat. It is to stimulate metabolism and slow digestion of starch. This helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Cinnamon acts effectively to reduce food cravings and increases sensitivity to insulin to stabilize the level of blood sugar in the body. It helps control cholesterol levels and improve blood flow during exercise. The whole process is very conducive to weight loss.

Therefore, just walk into your kitchen and start preparing this amazing drink. Eating regularly and support your weight loss process. Continue diet and exercise to get a lean body in no time.


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