Lemon water

16 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In An Empty Stomach

Lemon water

A few benefits of vitamin C  (Lemon water) include protection: immune system deficiencies; Foods rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants can help fight germs immune system caused by a cold or flu. prenatal health problems of cardiovascular disease wrinkling of the skin Eye Diseases

16 benefits of drinking lemon water in an Empty Stomach·

  1.  It helps protect the body against immune system deficiencies; Also effective in reducing viral infections and healing sore throats.
  2.  It helps maintain pH levels in the body.·
  3. Reduces inflammation. When you are drunk on a regular basis, which reduces the acidity in the body and uric acid, a major cause of inflammation and pain in the knees and joints dissolved.·
  4.   Clean the system; drinking lemon water in the morning really rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.·
  5.  It aids in digestion.·
  6.  Aid in the prevention of multiplication and growth of pathogenic bacteria that cause disease and infections.·
  7. It helps cure the common cold. Help nerve cells in the brain and nourish.·
  8. Acts as a potent antibacterial, and fibers containing pectin that is beneficial to the colon.·
  9.    Help replenish body salts after exercise.·
  10. It helps strengthen the liver by supplying energy for liver enzymes.·
  11. Helps protect the eyes and therefore more fights eye problems.·
  12. It helps protect the skin from skin problems; antioxidants in the lemon juice·
  13. help reduce blemishes and wrinkles, while it can also reduce the appearance of scars, age spots and maintain the brightness of the skin.·
  14.   It helps keep oxygen levels and calcium in the liver.·
  15.    It helps reduce body weight; Lemon contains pectin fiber, very good to reduce the desire to eat.·
  16. Great source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, citric acid, phosphorus, etc.

Note: The use bottled lemon water is not recommended due to the increased presence of sulfites which results in allergy among several  people….

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